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Power Vinyasa Yoga/ Heated
Power Vinyasa Yoga is done by doing a series of yoga poses while synchronizing one's breathing patterns to each movement, or Vinyasa, resulting in actions with perfect unity and grace. The process is like a vigorous exercise, pushing and contorting every limb to its limit while maintaining a strong sense of inner peace and concentration to pull off each move flawlessly and gracefully. Keep in mind that the transitions of the Yoga Poses are done in a slow yet steady pace. Some poses are even held longer than the required five breaths. This is the aspect of Power Yoga that raises one's physical endurance and the ability to focus on one task for a long period of time without breaking one's concentration. Whether you feel strong or not, you will love the dynamic combination of strength, sweat and spirituality.

All Levels Vinyasa Flow/ Heated 
Vinyasa Flow classes offer sequences of poses designed to stretch and strengthen muscles while opening the body to increasing challenges. Focus is on remaining aware of the importance of breath and core strenght. There is ongoing encouragement to find an interior steadiness in the face of external exertion. All levels welcome but some yoga experience is helpful.
Yoga Basics-
Class for those new to yoga but also has teachings for the experienced yogi. This gentle yoga class focuses on the various aspects of the practices of yoga. Emphasis is placed on asanas (postures) mechanics, breath, and energy work. It is an all size friendly class!